7th Edition of ICC's Flagship Event 

The Banking Summit

themed 'Embracing Technological Disruption'

stands as a paramount event within the financial industry

Uniting luminaries, visionaries and stakeholders to deliberate and navigate the transformative influence of technological advancements in the banking sector. In an era characterized by rapid digitalization & innovation, the summit serves as a pivotal platform to delve into the intersections of technology, finance & customer experience


The summit will feature insightful technical discussions and a dedicated CEO session, covering a range of topics that revolve around the central theme of embracing technological disruption in the banking sector.

Panel: Paradigm Shift in the Banking Sector

  • This exclusive session will feature top CEOs and industry leaders discussing the transformative impact of digitalization on traditional banking models
  • Attendees will gain insights into how Fintech partnerships and collaborations are helping banks adapt to evolving customer expectations
  • The rise of Neobanks and their role in shaping the future of banking will also be a focal point, shedding light on new approaches to service delivery, innovation, and customer engagement


Generative AI (Artificial intelligence) in Finance

  • Delve into revolutionary influence of Generative AI in finance sector. Experts explore how AI driven personalized banking experiences, chatbots and virtual assistants reshapes customer interactions
  • Panel will also discuss how AI algorithms are enhancing risk assessment and credit underwriting, revolutionizing decision making


Mitigating Frauds in the Digital Era

  • Conversations will center around leveraging AI & Machine Learning to detect & prevent fraud in real-time, highlighting the crucial role of technology in safeguarding customer data & assets
  • Discussions will also explore the role of blockchain technology in enhancing security and transparency to counter financial fraud


Yashasvi Yadav, IPS

Spl. Inspector General of Police at Maharashtra Cyber

Arundhati Bhattacharya

Chairperson & CEO of Salesforce India

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Vikram Pandya

Director Fintech of SP Jain School of Global Management

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Ashish Singal

CEO of IBDIC (Indian Banks' Digital Infrastructure Company)

Sudin Baraokar

AI & Digital Transformation Advisor

Gayathri Parthasarathy

Partner and Leader of Financial Services at PWC India

Siddharth Keskar

CEO of MZM Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

Neehar Pathare


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The Banking Summit, centered around the theme "Embracing Technological Disruption," is set to attract an array of industry leaders, innovators, and experts.

Attendees will include CEOs and executives from leading banks, fintech companies, and tech giants, eager to delve into cutting-edge discussions. 

  • Panel discussions on Generative AI in Finance will draw AI specialists, banking professionals, and technology enthusiasts, keen to explore AI's transformative potential. 
  • Mitigating Frauds in the Digital Era session will entice cybersecurity experts, blockchain advocates, and financial professionals invested in securing digital transactions.
  • The Session on Paradigm Shift in the Banking Sector will gather visionary CEOs, strategists, & decision-makers, all seeking insights into navigating the evolving banking landscape amidst the digital revolution.


Jio World Convention Centre (Meeting Suite 205 A&B)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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