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Join us for a transformative event where we explore the dynamic world of logistics and supply chain management. Embrace digital transformation, learn about current trends, challenges, and opportunities, and discover how innovation is the key to success.

Unmissable insights from industry experts and networking with like-minded professionals await.

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The 'Smart Supply Chain Conclave' is a preeminent event in the industry, dedicated to delving into the profound impact of digital transformation on supply chain management. In today's swiftly changing global landscape, this conference serves as a convergence point for industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals, all coming together to explore the latest strategies and technologies that are enabling businesses to not only adapt but thrive in the digital era.


The conventional supply chain model is currently undergoing a seismic transformation as it integrates an array of digital tools and technologies. Businesses are increasingly recognizing the imperativeness of overhauling their operations to boost efficiency, cut costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

The Smart Supply Chain Conclave will provides an invaluable platform for discourse on the most recent trends and innovations driving this transformation. Attendees will gain insights into how technology is reshaping supply chains and fundamentally altering the way business is conducted.

Objective of the Event

The primary objective of the Smart Supply Chain Conclave is to-

  1. Foster a deep understanding of how automation and digitalization are reshaping warehousing, material handling, and logistics.
  2. Explore strategies and technologies for optimizing B2B delivery in the last mile.
  3. Showcase innovations in multimodal transportation, presented by industry experts.
  4. Discuss the potential of Free Trade Zones (FTZs) in enhancing smart logistics.

Theme of the Event

The theme, 'Empowering Efficiency Through Digital Transformation,' emphasizes the critical role of digital technologies in creating smarter, more efficient supply chain systems. By leveraging digital transformation, businesses can optimize their operations, increase agility, and ultimately provide better value to their customers. The theme acts as a guiding principle throughout the event, ensuring that all discussions and presentations remain aligned with the central idea of enhancing efficiency in the supply chain through technology.

Panel Discussion topics

Automation and Digitalization in Warehousing and Material Handling:

Exploring the impact of automation and digital technologies on optimizing warehousing and material handling processes.

Panel discussion delves into the transformative influence of automation and digitalization within the logistics and supply chain realm. Experts from diverse backgrounds have congregated to dissect the ever-evolving landscape, encompassing the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities. The discussion is structured around several key themes:

  1. Material Handling Technology Advancements
  2. Supply Chain Visibility and Data Analytics
  3. Sustainability and Green Warehousing
  4. Challenges and Concerns
  5. Future Outlook and Best Practices

Tackling Challenges in Last-Mile Connectivity:

Discussing strategies to enhance the efficiency and reliability of B2B deliveries in the last mile.

This panel aims to delve into and illuminate the pivotal role of digital technologies in elevating the efficiency and efficacy of the ultimate leg of the delivery journey within the logistics sector. The discussion is structured around several key themes:

  1. Innovations in the Final Stretch of Delivery
  2. Putting B2B Customers at the Center
  3. Sustainability and Environmentally-Conscious Delivery
  4. Navigating Urban Logistics and Micro-Fulfillment Centers
  5. Confronting Hurdles and Forging Resolutions 


Balvantsinh Rajput

Hon'ble Cabinet Minister at Industries, Micro, Small & Medium Industries, Cottage, Khadi and Rural Industries, Govt. of Gujarat

Prof. (Dr.) Jitesh J Thakkar

(PhD-IITD) Dean (Academics) & Professor (School of Management) at Gati Shakti Vishwavidyalaya

Madhvendra Singh

CEO of Gujarat Maritime Cluster

Mahendra Shah

Chairman & MD at V-Trans (India) Ltd

Sukant Mishra

Managing Director of Octagon International FZCO

Makhdoom Ahmad

Managing Director of APSL

Rajiv Bhattacharya

VP - Strategy & Projects at V-Trans (India) Ltd

Chittaranjan Mohanty

Founder of Samvi Hi fresh

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Agenda OLD


Chief Guest
Shri. Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India*

Special Address
Shri. Dr. Surendra Ahirwar, Joint Secretary, Logistics, Department of Promotion for Industry& Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India*

Special Address
Shri. Balvantsinh Rajput, Hon'ble Cabinet Minister, Industries, Micro, Small and Medium Industries, Cottage, Khadi and Rural Industries*

Special Address
Shri. Madhvendra Singh, CEO , Gujarat Maritime Cluster*

Special Address
Prof. (Dr.)Manoj Choudhary, Vice-chancellor, Gati Shakti Vishwavidyalaya*

Automation and Digitalization in Warehousing and Material Handling

Automation and Digitalization in Warehousing and Material Handling

- Material Handling Technology Advancements
- Supply Chain Visibility and Data Analytics
- Sustainability and Green Warehousing
- Challenges and Concerns
- Future Outlook and Best Practices

Mr. Shardul Fadnavis, Partner, PwC*

Mr. Nandeesh Shukla, Dy. Chairperson, Deendayal Port Authority
Mr. Nirav Doshi, Founder & Managing Director, NIDO Automation
Mr. Manoj Kothari, Head Supply Chain, Zydus Wellness
Dr. Ravi Prakash Mathur, VP SCM , Dr Reddy*


Airport-Gandhinagar Road
Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

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